Debt collection can be a serious worry when it comes protecting your family and assets. At Levy Zavet LLP our Lawyers can help you with any debt collection situation. In Ontario there are various reasonable and unreasonable collection practices that must be obeyed by debt collectors. Having a Lawyer who is well-versed in debt-related law is a valuable asset if you find yourself in any sort of lawsuit or legal situation. The Lawyers at Levy Zavet LLP are trained in such legal areas and can offer a thorough understanding of any situation and provide the best relative courses for action.

If you find yourself in any sort of position that relates to commercial collections, personal debt, loan defaults or breach of contract, Levy Zavet LLP is here to help you. Our Lawyers will carefully listen to your concerns and needs while working to individually analyze your case. Our team will explore all options open to you and advise you on your situation and its potential directions and outcomes. In Canada, debt collection is governed by the various provinces and territories that govern that jurisdiction, and Levy Zavet LLP’s Lawyers and Paralegals are well-educated in the Ontario debt collection rules and regulations, ensuring you knowledgeable advice and consultations on the subject.

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    capital one sent me a lawyer letter today for 5000+ debt recovery, i want to no if they can put a lean on my condo bc thats all i have, part owner only my ex owns other half, im a single parent on disability with an anuall income of 10k on my govt assessment, can they do that, wat should i do if anything, thx

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