The Federal government has introduced new laws with respect to the production and distribution of Medical Marihuana.  The new legislation is called the Marihuana for Medical Purposes (the “MMPR”) and it governs the Medical Marihuana industry from application to operation.  In addition to the MMPR, Medical Marihuana is also governed by the Narcotic Control Regulations and the Food and Drug Act.  Health Canada is the responsible ministry for the administration of this new federal program. 
Under the new laws, only commercially viable individuals and corporations shall be allowed to grow, distribute, research and sell medical marihuana to the Canadian market.  Once an applicant is approved by Health Canada, they become Licensed Producers under the MMPR and are subject to a bundle of regulatory rights and obligations.
Navigating through all the rules, regulations and bureaucracy can be extremely challenging without the proper guidance and experience.  Levy Zavet PC the knowledge and experience with respect to the entire process from both the business and regulatory perspectives.
Levy Zavet PC services include:

  • Preparing and Filing the Health Canada MMPR Application;
  • Assistance with property acquisition including:
    • Leasing;
    • Purchasing;
    • Financing; and
    • Zoning compliance.
  • Assistance with trademarks, patents and copyright for your brand and proprietary material;
  • Talent acquisition; 
  • Specialised employment agreements;
  • Correspondence with Health Canada;
  • Consulting on marketing and advertising regulations;
  • Advising on the MMPR and all relevant rules, laws and regulations;
  • Incorporations, shareholder agreements and all business related contracts;
  • Assistance with business planning;
  • Preparing Offering Memorandums; and
  • On-going regulatory affairs
If you are interested in becoming a Licensed Producer in this new developing industry, make sure to plan properly and plan smartly in order to get the best results.  Call or email Maxim Zavet.

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