A Shareholder dispute can be just as harming to a company or corporation as a Partnership dispute, so it is important to deal with any potential Shareholder disputes as quick and delicately as possible. Cases that involve Shareholder oppression breach of fiduciary duties, share valuation dispute, or company fraud can be considered as potential cases for Shareholder disputes. Levy Zavet LLP Lawyers and Lawyers are trained in beginning accusations against any Shareholder or Partnership that is acting in an illegal manner and will help you prove your case against any conflicting company or corporation. Additionally, if you have been unjustly accused of anything or found yourself in the middle of a Shareholder dispute case, do not hesitate to contact Levy Zavet LLP, where we will work our hardest to ensure your defense.

Levy Zavet LLP’s legal personnel are trained in Ontario law and are amongst the top Lawyers and Paralegals in the area. We will work individually with each client to listen for your concerns, thoughts and goals with any legal case and put in our top-effort to help your case proceed as smoothly and successfully as possible. If you find yourself in need of a Shareholder dispute Lawyer, feel ensured that you are working with some of the best at Levy Zavet LLP.

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