The spectrum of Employment Law can range from employment contracts and human rights and discrimination to non-compete and non-solicit agreements and wrongful termination. The Lawyers of Levy Zavet LLP have appeared before all levels of courts and tribunals while working directly with public, private and charitable sectors to provide clients with the best possible advice in all areas of Employment Law. If you believe that you may have an Employment case pending in your near future, do not hesitate to call Levy Zavet LLP today to schedule a free consultation with someone on our legal staff. Our consultations cost you nothing and are completely confidential.

Additionally, if you are being legally charged regarding an Employment case, the Lawyers at Levy Zavet LLP are here to help you as well. Few things can be as stressful as having to deal with Employment accusations in the business setting, and Levy Zavet LLP Lawyers and Paralegals know this, which is why it is their personal goal to help offer clients all possible courses of action and advice on the best action to take depending on each individual situation. Lawyers of Levy Zavet LLP are trained in Ontario-specific law and can help in almost any legal situation regarding Employment Law, so call us today.

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