Lawyers and Paralegals at Porco Levy Zavet LLP are trained and experienced in handling Wrongful Termination lawsuits in the Ontario area. Wrongful Termination is a serious accusation and needs to be dealt with carefully and with sensitivity. At Levy Zavet LLP our Lawyers are ready to aid you in case of any unjust Wrongful Termination accusation as an employer. Additionally, if you believe that you have been illegally terminated and have a valid case against your former employer; Levy Zavet LLP is here to help you as well. Call Levy Zavet LLP today to schedule a free consultation with one our Lawyers and learn what we can do for you. Our legal team can deal with your Wrongful Termination case quickly and professionally, and we offer complete confidentiality throughout your legal process and during your initial, free consultation.

Wrongful Termination is illegal in Canada and hiring the right Lawyer can be the decision that will make or break your case. Levy Zavet LLP boasts some of the top Lawyers and Law Clerks in the legal field. Our legal team has years of experience in Employment Law and our staff is ready and waiting to help you find the best options and solution to your Wrongful Termination case.

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