Equalization is the division of properties between one person and his or her partner when separating. Equalization and Family Property cases can be difficult to deal with and cause much unneeded stress to those involved if not dealt with properly and with full legal support. Levy Zavet LLP has skilled and professional Lawyers and Paralegals who are trained in Ontario law regarding Family Property cases and Equalization processes who are ready to speak to you and take away some of your legal burden by providing aid in any type of Family Law situation. If you are in the process of separating, or if you are considering divorce, do not hesitate to contact Levy Zavet LLP for a free, confidential consultation with one of our many experienced Lawyers. Our team of legal personnel will aid clients with knowledge of how property is divided for married couples and what the process is for dividing the couple’s assets.

Levy Zavet LLP believes in working diligently to provide our clients with all of their legal options as well as advice on what their best course of action may be. If you are in need of an Equalization and Family Property Lawyer, Levy Zavet LLP can offer some of the brightest and most motivated minds in the legal field. Contact our office to ensure a fair and legal Equalization process that will be dealt with carefully and with sensitivity by one of our many trained professionals.

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Jeff Levy

Managing Partner & Co-Founder - Lawyer

Jeff Levy is the managing partner at and co-founder of Levy Zavet PC, Lawyers. Mr. Levy is an experienced Ontario-based lawyer practicing primarily in the areas of real estate, mortgages, corporate law…

Michael Suria

Senior Associate - Lawyer

Michael Suria joined Levy Zavet PC as an associate in 2011. Michael graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours B. Sc. in Biochemistry, where he graduated with Distinction. Prior to studying…

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