Levy Zavet LLP knows the importance of dealing with Lending and Mortgages quickly and professionally. At Levy Zavet LLP, we have history of assisting with a wide range of cases, from foreclosure and power of sale to mortgage and loan enforcement. Additionally, our Lawyers and Paralegals have experience with PPSA and securitization, as well as private equity and venture capital situations. Our firm handles almost all land purchases and sales, construction, financing, leasing, zoning and tenant negotiation cases presented to us, and we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service while offering clients the best possible options for whatever legal situation they may be facing.

No matter what your legal standing, the Lawyers at Levy Zavet LLP will ensure that there are no hassles at any step during the Lending or Mortgage process, and we will work our hardest to provide you with the best legal advice for your individual and personal situation. At Levy Zavet LLP, we work professionally and with confidentiality to ensure our clients the best possible resolutions. If you are soon to be involved in a Lending or Mortgage situation, feel free to call us today to schedule your free phone consultation with one of our top-trained legal personnel.

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As of July 1, 2018, the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) will begin enforcing the changes to the O. Regulation 188/08 Mortgage Brokerages Standards of Practice under the Mortgage Brokerages, Lenders and ...

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Over the last few years, and especially since the financial crisis of 2008, the concept of Islamic financing or banking has been gaining momentum as an alternative financial model for ...

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This video is an excerpt of an interview with Jeff Levy, the managing partner at Levy Zavet PC, Lawyers. The interview is about lending and private mortgages. As well as ...

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