Are you in a position where you may soon be facing Foreclosure? Financial lending and mortgages can often be difficult on property owners, and if you find yourself in a situation that may soon lead to a Foreclosure, it is important to find trustworthy and reliable help. At Levy Zavet LLP, our Lawyers and Paralegals are experienced in Ontario law and can help with any Foreclosure situation with which you are involved. Our legal experts will work their hardest to provide the best possible advice and courses of action for any legal case, and they will do so with full confidentiality. If you may soon be considering Foreclosure or already find yourself in the midst of a lending or mortgage case, do not hesitate to contact our legal team at Levy Zavet LLP. Our office offers free and confidential consultations to potential clients where you can speak with one of our top Lawyers about your own, individual situation.

At Levy Zavet LLP we commonly offer one standard quote to cover all expenses, hoping to help clients avoid any potential surprise fees from arising later during the legal process. If you are seeking legal advice and would like to speak with an expert who is amongst the leaders in Lending and Mortgages Law, contact Levy Zavet LLP today and schedule your free consultation.

Foreclosure is the legal process by which a mortgagee, or other lien holder (usually a lender), obtains a termination of a mortgagor’s equitable right of redemption, either by court order or by operation of law. Foreclosures will occur after following a specific statutory procedure. At Levy Zavet LLP, our legal team has years of experience dealing with Foreclosure and Power of Sale legal cases, and they are ready to help you with whatever legal situation you may be in.

Through the process of foreclosure, the lender seeks to foreclose the equitable right of redemption and take both legal and equitable title to the property. Foreclosures have a large potential to cause over-bearing and seemingly endless stress on most parties involved, so it is important to hire a Lawyer who can represent you justly and with professionalism. The Lawyers at Levy Zavet LLP know the importance of clients’ needs and work delicately on all Foreclosure cases to provide careful and thought-out options for each and every situation. If you believe that you may soon be involved with a Foreclosure, contact Levy Zavet LLP today to schedule a consultation with one of our top legal experts. Consultations provided by Levy Zavet LLP are free and confidential, so call today to begin receiving legal advice from some of the best legal minds in the Real Estate field.

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    Don Edwards

    Three years ago I got a second mortgage to pay off all my credit cards through Dominion Lending. The broker obtained one from Northwood Mortgage for a one year term.
    I paid $586/month for the full year. I received a renewal letter from Northwood around Aug. 2013 of which I discovered all but around $300 went to interest. They also wanted $900 to renew.
    I returned to my broker and wanted a new mortgage and these people gone before the Oct. due date.
    The broker sat on this until Jan. 2014 where a new mortgage was obtained but had to give up my first mortgage with Scotia Bank. At first I was told I would have a fair bit of cash left over. By the end I was told I would be $11,000 short and would still need a second. It cost me $11,000 in fees and penalties.
    From this new mortgage Northwood received $40,000 plus another $3,400 for some reason. I was told that the new second would be deferred.
    In June 2014 I received a phone call from Northwood stating they wanted new post dated cheques and a lump some in arrears. I was dumb founded and told them to contact my broker as I was of the understanding that they were completely taken care of.
    I contacted the broker to ask what was going on and this needed to be fixed as it was not my wish to be still indebted to them. I was not informed they were still owed, what new arraignments had to been made or how much or when payments were to start.
    I understood the second was being held Home Trust who got the first but was deferred.
    Had I known I would never have agreed to this new mortgage.
    In or around Nov I received a letter stating I owned them $10,800 plus what appears to be the same $3,400 they were already paid, and over $6,000 in legal fees.
    This by quick calculation means they would profit almost $17,000 for their one year mortgage.
    Yesterday, I received papers of suit and foreclosure.
    Can you help or refer me to someone who deals with this kind of situation in Oshawa.

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