Levy Zavet PC offers unique notarization services for documents designated for use in Israel. These services are offered by Dvir David Hadary who is a licensed lawyer both in Ontario and in Israel. Dvir is an active member of the Law Society of Upper Canada as well as of the Israel Bar Association. He is also an Ontario Notary Public.

When administering an oath or other related notarial act for Israel, Dvir is able to certify that the oath has been administered in accordance with the Ontario Evidence Act. In cases where the deponent does not speak the Hebrew language, Dvir is able to certify that the correct interpretation and explanation have been provided to the deponent under Rule 4.06(8) of the Rules of Civil Procedure. Dvir is also a member of the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario (ATIO).

Dvir has helped many clients with Notarial services for Israel and his services have always been accepted by the recipients in Israel. Examples of recipients that have accepted his services include The Israeli Ministry of Finance, The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF), the Israeli Family Court, Professional Regulators in Israel, Hospitals in Israel, the Israeli Land Registry Offices, and many other bodies.

On several occasions, Judges in Israel have specifically ordered parties located in Canada to seek for Dvir’s unique dual licensing. In these cases, parties were required to prove that the individual located in Canada has indeed discharged every obligation under local law, and received sufficient explanation prior to taking such oath. Dvir’s double licensing places in him in a position that allows him to serve Canadians with Israeli matters.

Examples of documents/services:

Various affidavits for the Israeli Land Registry Offices regarding identity and other functions;
Affidavits denoting consent of urgent medical treatment administered to elderly  family members left in Israel upon emigration;
Affidavits denoting consent for the administration of estates;
Affidavits regarding renewal of professional licensing/credentials in Israel;
Attestations of “Living Beneficiary” for ongoing acceptance of payments (IDF Wounded Soldiers, Pensions, etc.);
Forms for release of funds;
Notarization of closing documents for purchasing real estate in Israel;
Affidavits and forms for the Israeli Tax Authority;
Translations and notarizations of judgments and declarations made by Canadian Rabbinical Tribunal;
Judgements and declaration of Rabbinical Court in Israel regarding divorces where parties are in Israel and Canada;
Affidavits and forms for the “Bituach Leumi” (Israeli Social Insurance authority);
Wills and estates regarding property in Israel;
Functions under the Israeli-Canadian tax treaty;
Various functions required by the Israeli ministry of Interior.

We also provide comprehensive services vis-à-vis the Consulate general of Israel in Toronto.

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