Lawyers at Levy Zavet LLP are experienced in all areas of Real Estate Law, including Commercial Landlord and Tenant Issues. Typically, a lease agreement sets out the specific obligations for both commercial landlords and tenants. Some of these obligations can include areas such as rent, maintenance, operating costs, leasehold improvements and various other matters. If you find that you are involved in a legal situation regarding Commercial Landlord and Tenant Issues that requires the attention of Lawyer, contact Levy Zavet LLP today for your free and confidential consultation.

The Lawyers at Levy Zavet LLP are well-educated on Ontario-based laws and can carefully read clients’ lease agreements to determine the obligations of each party. Because the majority of lease agreements have terms and conditions spelt out on them, it is important to hire an Lawyer that can provide you with both creative and professional aid. Levy Zavet LLP can help with any type of Commercial Landlord and Tenant Issue, offering clients their best possible courses of action, as well as all of their rights and obligations as a renter or landlord. If you are a landlord having problems with any of your tenants, or a tenant with a non-cooperating landlord, contact our office at Levy Zavet LLP today to schedule your free consultation with one of our many legal experts.

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