At Levy Zavet LLP, our legal staff is highly-trained in Property Law and can offer some of the best legal advice in any type of property-related legal situation, including issues related to Condominium property. A Condominium property is one in which different, specified parts are individually owned by different parties. The Lawyers and Paralegals at Levy Zavet LLP are highly-trained in Ontario law and have years of experience in the legal field practicing Property Law and Real Estate Law. If you find that you are involved in a legal situation that regards Condominium property or believe that you may soon enter a situation that will be Property Law related, Levy Zavet LLP is here for you.

Levy Zavet LLP offers free consultations to any potential clients, so call today to schedule yours. Our consultations are completely confidential and will allow you the opportunity to describe your exact legal situation to one of our top legal Lawyers. Levy Zavet LLP takes pride in its customer service policies and our legal staff works with the goal of helping each and every client as quickly and professionally as possible. If you need legal advice regarding Condominium property, contact one of our Lawyers today to start discussing all of your possible courses of actions and to receive information on how our Lawyers can help you.

Condo Developments We Are or Have Worked On

The Code Condos, Toronto Ontario

The Code Condos is a new condo and townhouse project by BLVD Developments and Lifetime Developments currently in preconstruction at 6 Pa ...

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A Note to Condominium Developers

Condominiums are becoming increasingly important as more people choose to live in condos. In recent years, the condo industry has been booming in Canada with new condo towers being erected each ...


Real properties (real estate) like buildings, lands, residences are generally acquired by a purchaser through taking a loan. The promise to repay this loan is backed by a security, where the borrower/chargor ...


Conditional review of a condminium status certificate by a lawyer is a common condominium re-sale condition contained in agreements of purchase and sale. The condition is typically worded to give a lawyer a wide degree of discretion in detemrining whether a purchaser should waive the condition or escape the agreement.


Introduction Even after submission of an application for incorporation to the peoples concerned, doubts remain, a feeling of something left unfinished prevails, and a good night’s sleep becomes difficult. To ...

Does a Hot Tub in Your Condominium Back Yard or Terrace Need Approval?

Case analysis on the Ontario Court of Appeal decision and interpretation of Section 98 of the Ontario Condominium Act, specifically deals with an owner needing approval from the condominium board for any addition, alteration or improvement to the common elements. The court found that the installation of a hot tub did not need approval by the board subject to section 98.

Real Estate: Buying New? What You Need to Know

Agreements Give Law to the Contract – Pacta dant legem contractui People who purchase new condominiums and houses directly from the developer are usually attracted to the prestige of being ...

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