Typically, your house and property represent your largest assets. If you are contemplating purchasing property, you should know as much as possible about the piece of land you are thinking about investing in. Obtaining a Surveyors Real Property Report may be the most important thing you do before you close the deal on any purchase. At Levy Zavet LLP, our Lawyers have years of experience dealing with Title Disputes in the Ontario area. If you are looking for a legal team you can trust, contact Levy Zavet LLP today to schedule a free and confidential consultation with one of our Lawyers who specializes in Title Disputes.

It pays to know the boundaries of your land. A small distance can make a big difference, and the erection of a fence or other structures in the wrong location can be the source of extensive litigation and ill-will between neighbors. Title Disputes should be dealt with quickly and professionally, and with some of the best legal minds in the business, Levy Zavet LLP knows this. Our Lawyers and Paralegals work hard to offer all possible courses of action and provide top legal advice to all of our clients dealing with a Title Dispute.

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