When it comes to legal practices, one of the most common areas where clients find they need assistance is in dealing with Taxation. At Levy Zavet LLP, our Lawyers can help with a range of Taxation concerns, ranging from income tax reassessments and audits to HST, GST and/or PST Liability. Additionally, Levy Zavet LLP assists with tax planning and preparation.

At Levy Zavet LLP, our legal staff has years of experience dealing with all types of legal situations related to taxation. Our Lawyers and Paralegals come from the best in the field and work ceaselessly to provide all clients with the best solutions possible.

Taking pride in our excellent customer service, clients of Levy Zavet LLP can reach their various Lawyers via phone or email on a daily basis. Additionally, Levy Zavet LLP offers free and confidential consultations with all potential clients. During a free consultation, clients can speak with an Lawyer about their own particular legal situation while being advised as to what their options are and what Levy Zavet LLP can do for them. If you are facing a legal issue that involves Taxation or if you believe that you may soon need assistance with a Taxation-related matter, call today to schedule your consultation and begin speaking with an Lawyer.

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One of the most contentious issues in real estate and property is how real property taxes are assessed and charged to the property owner, of course, it is only contentious ...

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Taxation of Trusts The taxation of trusts and their beneficiaries are dealt with under Sections 104 to 108, inclusive, of the ITA. The fundamental principle with respect to taxation of ...

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Administration and probate When the estate of a member of the First Nation falls within the jurisdiction of the Indian Act, the procedures for administration and probate are found within ...

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The due date for the terminal return depends upon the date of the deceased’s death: 1) For a death prior to November, the terminal return is due by the following ...

Taxation of an Estate as a Trust

Upon the death of a taxpayer, a T3 trust tax return is prepared, as well as a report of the income earned by the estate after the taxpayer’s death and ...

Estate Tax Planning: RRSPs and Rollovers

Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) Like non-depreciable capital property and depreciable capital property, a spousal rollover is available for RRSPs. Money directly received by the spouse (as opposed to the ...

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