Estate Planning and Administration is one area of the legal field that never ceases to require speedy and professional aid. At Levy Zavet LLP, our Lawyers and Paralegals are well- versed in Ontario’s rules and regulations and have years of experience dealing with Estate Planning and Administration. Our legal staff works with each individual client to discuss his or her own worries and concerns regarding the case before proceeding with any type of action in order to ensure the client’s complete and thorough satisfaction with our services. Levy Zavet LLP’s Lawyers also take the time to listen to their clients’ goals and work their hardest to provide top-level customer service in all situations.

If you are involved in any type of Estate Planning and Administration case, or believe that you may soon be entering a legal situation that involves any sort of Estate Planning and Administration, contact the legal staff at Levy Zavet LLP today. Levy Zavet LLP offers free and confidential consultations with any and all potential clients. In scheduling a consultation, you will be able to discuss your particular legal situation and potential legal options with one of our highly-trained Lawyers while finding out what Levy Zavet LLP can do for you and how you can go about retaining our services.

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ESTATE ADMINISTRATION: Advising the Surviving Spouse

The precise nature of the executor/trustee/personal representative’s obligation to advise the surviving spouse is not clear. If the estate trustee is responsible only to the estate and its beneficiaries, he ...

Utilizing Spousal Trusts for Estate Planning

If capital property of a taxpayer is transferred to a qualifying inter vivos spousal trust, s.73(1) of the ITA permits the property to be transferred at its adjusted cost base. ...

How Trusts are Taxed in Canada

Taxation of Trusts The taxation of trusts and their beneficiaries are dealt with under Sections 104 to 108, inclusive, of the ITA. The fundamental principle with respect to taxation of ...

Establishing the Beneficiaries of a Trust

Beneficiaries Should the beneficiaries be not specifically referred to by name, they could be referred to by class, such as “children”. However, the description of the class has to be ...

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Our Estate Planning Lawyers & Law Clerks

Jeff Levy

Managing Partner & Co-Founder - Lawyer

Jeff Levy is the managing partner at and co-founder of Levy Zavet PC, Lawyers. Mr. Levy is an experienced Ontario-based lawyer practicing primarily in the areas of real estate, mortgages, corporate law…

Michael Suria

Senior Associate - Lawyer

Michael Suria joined Levy Zavet PC as an associate in 2011. Michael graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours B. Sc. in Biochemistry, where he graduated with Distinction. Prior to studying…

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