Levy Zavet consists of top lawyers, law clerks and assistants in the Ontario area. At Levy Zavet we are governed by three core principles: to provide unparalleled service, to be on the cutting edge of legal trends in our respective practice areas, and to provide our customers with value added services. In order to achieve those goals the lawyers and staff at Levy Zavet work hard to understand our clients’ unique issues. We believe that this thoroughness allows us tailor the best possible solutions to address our clients’ immediate needs which in turns provides a foundation to build a long lasting relationship. In short, our goal is to become our clients’ their trusted advisors.

What is the Levy Zavet Law Advantage?

Levy Zavet’s core principals allow us to deal effectively and efficiently with our clients’ issues. Our lawyers have years of experience in their respective fields. They take steps to remain knowledgeable with current legal trends and are active in writing articles that may assist our clients in their day to day activities.

Our billing practices are also different than most firms. Levy Zavet promotes and adopts value billing and in some cases adopts alternative billing arrangements. Value billing means that we bill the client for work that actually added some value to the case and issues at hand. In cases where we adopt alternative fee arrangements, we look to block fees and contingency retainers with our clients. No matter what arrangement we ultimately pursue, our clients know that they are paying for the actual work performed on the file and not for work that was unnecessary or redundant. Levy Zavet believes these straightforward billing practices give our clients peace of mind and allows us to focus our efforts on pursuing the ultimate issues that need resolution.

Levy Zavet is also committed to being accessible to our clients. Whether you are in need of a quick solution, a fast answer to an immediate question, or are uncertain on how to address your legal issue, a Levy Zavet lawyer is responsive, and capable of handling your matter. The legal world is extremely quick to change and unforgiving to those who do not keep up-to-date. Levy Zavet Lawyers are active in keeping abreast of these changes. Moreover Levy Zavet Lawyers are active in writing articles to assist our clients through these mazes. As part of our core values, we keep our clients informed at all times.

Finally Levy Zavet’s goal is to create a long lasting relationship with each of our clients. We value your unique needs, and work hard to become your trusted advisors. Whether it’s a question in passing, a complicated transactional matter, or a bet the company piece of litigation, Levy Zavet works effortlessly to put you at ease with the quality of representation you have.

What Clients Say About Us

“Levy Zavet was a pleasure to work with – fast, capable and reliable.“

Todd JunesReal Estate Law

“The Levy Zavet Lawyers and Paralegals were always available to contact during the day and responded quickly and thoroughly to any questions or concerns I had during the process.“

Jim KiddBusiness Law

“Levy Zavet was dedicated to helping me find the best possible solution for my legal situation. I will not hesitate to return for their services in case of any future need.“

John WateyBusiness Law

“I have referred Levy Zavet to all of my friends and co-workers. With Levy Zavet, I knew I was working with some of the best legal minds in the business.“

Liz CareyBusiness Law

“Dear Max & Jeff, Thank You for all your legal services over the years. Team Levy Zavet has helped to ensure my comfort and confidence in my residences purchases and sales throughout the years. I couldn’t have done it without your expert legal advise. I am very appreciative of your services and look forward to continue to work together in the future. Sincerely,“

Connie PapakyriacouReal Estate Law

“I am a client of Jeff Levy of Levy Zavet and is pleased to say that I have been very satisfied with his level of proficiency and professionalism. As well, most noteworthy about Jeff is his ability to listen with care and consideration and to advise his client in the right direction. Jeff’s guidance, execution, thoroughness and timely service delivery has been very helpful to me. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Jeff and his firm to anyone seeking legal services that he and his team supports.“

Cliff RajkumarReal Estate Law

“I am a client of Levy Zavet Law and specifically a client of Jeff Levy. My dealings with Jeff have been extremly successful, positve, and very fruitful. I have found him to be totally professional and caring as well. Jeff has gone over and above what he had to as my lawyer and it showed in the results. Jeff is very insightful and a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend Levy Zavet Law and Jeff Levy to anyone that wants great legal advice and on top of that you will get it at very reasonable rates.“

Alan GreenbergBusiness Law

“Levy Zavet has provided legal counsel to our company for several years now and they have always been ready, willing and able to assist us in all our legal matters. At times we have needed their help at the eleventh hour and they have always come through no matter how short the time frame. We intend on being with Mr. Jeff Levy and his team for a long time to come.“

Pina Burdo, Owner of Esperia Grape Juice Ltd.Business Law

“Jeff Levy has been my lawyer for two real estate transactions. First and foremost – he did an excellent job verifying every single detail to ensure that the deal goes through smoothly. He also took the time to answer all my questions and made sure I understood how the process works. Both transactions went through quickly and without any complications. Overall, I am very happy with the service and I would ask Jeff to represent my interests in the future.“

Eric RotbergReal Estate Law

“Levy Zavet exhibits a level of professionalism and urgency that my line of business requires in the partners I work with. I have worked with Levy Zavet for two years and have always been impressed with the level of service they provide. Their friendly yet professional attitude makes it a true pleasure to work with them and I recommend their services to all of my clients.“

Stephen Betts, Business Advisor/ Investment Consultant for TD Canada Trust/ TD Investment ServicesReal Estate Law

“I worked under Jeff Levy of Levy Zavet Law for about a year writing legal content. Though he is half of my age, he showed remarkable compassion, fortitude and understanding for my lapses and transgressions. At the same time, he had been unstinted in his praise when he liked my work. Actually, in the freelance market, I am yet to find a person filling adequately Jeff’s shoes. But, he is a tough negotiator! If this testimonial finds a place in Levy Zavet Law’s upcoming webpage, and is of help in any manner, no one would be more pleased than me.“

Souman BandyopadhyayBusiness Law

“From the beginning when we started to work with your firm, you have always made yourselves available by phone and email and replied to our concerns promptly. You were always patient with our many questions and concerns and most importantly helpful with your fees for your time and always went far beyond the call of duty without any extra charges. We were also very impressed with how you executed some very smart strategies with our lawsuit and helping us settle with delinquent clients. Thank you again for everything!“

Aaron Rosenthal, President of R&P Promotional Media Inc. also o/a R&P PrintsBusiness Law

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