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Fees and Costs

Levy Zavet Law realizes that clients place great weight on the costs associated with pursuing their legal issues. We have also come to realize that in some cases, clients need certainty in terms of costs and in terms of the timing related to their respective issues. With this in mind, Levy Zavet Law offers several alternative billing arrangements; these alternative billing arrangements consist in flat fee billing – where we discuss the steps involved in proceeding with your matter and then quote you a block price for those steps. Monthly payment schedules are then agreed to with the client. In addition, we also offer contingency fee arrangements in some cases. Ultimately, the goal is to reach a fair framework in terms of fees that is practical for both the firm and the client.

Notwithstanding which fee model is ultimately agreed to, Levy Zavet Law adopts a value billing model. This means that we bill you according to the value of the work performed. A client can rest easily knowing that Levy Zavet lawyers are not billing for redundant work, or more importantly, for work that added no value to the client’s file.

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Residential Real Estate Closing Costs
Costs to Incorporate, Update & Organize Minute Books
Costs for a Will & Power of Attorney