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Condominium Law

The Ontario Residential Condominium Buyers’ Guide

Buying any new home is a significant step not to mention a hefty investment. And with condominiums, in particular, there are a number of factors to...

What is interim occupancy & what do I need to do?

When purchasing a new condo, there is a period of time between the day you take possession of your unit and when you take ownership. This...

Everyone’s a “Builder”, but what does that mean in terms of HST?

For purposes below referring to a “house” includes a condo as well.  Did you know that CRA will consider you a “Builder” if:1)       You are an...

My Two Cents on the Canadian Real Estate Market and Housing Prices in 4 Minutes

Every other day I get asked “what’s the deal with the Canadian Real Estate market and housing prices is there a cap? Will there be a...

CONDOMINIUM LAW: 10 Day Cooling Off Period and Giving Proper Notice of Rescission

The condominium market in Toronto is and has been hot over the past few years for a variety of reasons such a seeming stable Canadian economy,...

REAL ESTATE LAW UPDATE: Is a Condominium Corporation Obligated to Buy the Superintendant’s Unit?

Coincidentally, the day I read the Ontario Court of Appeal’s decision in Lexington on the Green Inc. v. Toronto Standard Condominium Corporation No. 1930, (2010 ONCA...

Breached Agreements of Purchase and Sale: Can I Recover My Losses?

Many Real Estate transactions wind up breaking down between the point where an Agreement of Purchase and Sale has been signed and the transaction is completed...

The Duty to Disclose Property Defects

This question often comes up with clients: Are we required to disclose latent defects in the property we are selling?A latent defect is a defect that...

REAL ESTATE: Depending on the age and type of property, the following off title searches may be necessary!

Occupancy permits: For a newly built or renovated dwelling or an extension or addition thereto, it is necessary to find out whether or not the local...

A Note to Condominium Developers

Condominiums are becoming increasingly important as more people choose to live in condos. In recent years, the condo industry has been booming in Canada with new...