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Tag: acknowledgement

Realtors; learn how to save a deal when spouses are feuding and being uncooperative over the sale of a property!

This article applies to legally married couples and not those in common-law arrangements.  The long and the short of it is that IF both spouses are on title of the property [that means they are both registered owners in one capacity or another (commonly as Joint Tenants or even Tenants In Common)], then you will need them BOTH to sign the listing agreement, representation agreement, the offers in between, any other required Realtor documents/amendments, and the finally accepted Agreement of Purchase and Sale and its amendments.  So long as that is the case, the two FINAL documents you should ask their lawyer to produce while signing the listing agreement is, first an Un-revocable Direction to the lawyer (presuming he/she will be the one closing the deal) as to how the Proceeds of Sale are to be divided and that he/she is to be the closing lawyer.  This ensures that the two spouses cooperate and do not hold each-other hostage on the eve of closing threatening not to close unless one spouse gets what they want out of the deal.  It also ensures that the lawyer who holds this direction will be able to use it because he/she will be closing the deal.  Second, and at the same time ask the lawyer to also draft and provide a declaration that both spouses will be providing vacant possession on the day of closing before 4:00 pm.  This will help the scenario where one spouse is being

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