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Tag: agreements

Tag: agreements

REAL ESTATE LAW UPDATE: Is a Condominium Corporation Obligated to Buy the Superintendant’s Unit?

Coincidentally, the day I read the Ontario Court of Appeal’s decision in Lexington on the Green Inc. v. Toronto Standard Condominium Corporation No. 1930, (2010 ONCA...

REAL ESTATE LAW UPDATE: Can the Court Refuse a Remedy Under the Partition Act?

In a past article, it was discussed that under the Partition Act R.S.O. 1990 (the “Act”) one has a prima facie right to partition or sell...

Real Estate law: Can You Refuse to Close if Your Condominium Square Footage is Less Than You Bargained For?

In real estate law, representations are very important elements to any agreement of purchase and sale.  Typically the party selling the property will represent things such...

Real Estate Law: Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax (GST/HST)

In the OREA standard form agreement (“OREA Agreement”), there is a blank space provided where it should be indicated whether taxes are “included in” or “in...

Real Estate Law: Closing a Real Estate Transaction

Choosing a closing date The closing date can be whenever the parties agree upon, however selecting a closing date on a weekend or statutory holiday will prevent your...

ASSIGNMENTS: Assigning your Contract to someone else!

Under a contract, the assignment of rights is the complete transfer of the rights to receive the benefits available to one of the parties to that...


According to law, a contract is a legally recognized agreement enforceable in court and/or by binding arbitration. In other words, it is a deal comprised of promises with a...


Basically, a construction lien is a remedy available for someone who improves someone else's property by way of supplying materials and or labour.  If that person is owed monies...


The global economic recession unavoidably affected the commercial leasing market in Canada. This has caused landlords and tenants to think over their respective bargaining positions when engaging into...

Competition Bureau and the Canadian Real Estate Associations (“CREA”): More Private Deals on the Horizon?

Recently the Canadian Competition Bureau requested that CREA open up the Canadian real estate market by making the Multiple Listing Service (“MLS”) open to the public...