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Tag: assigning

ASSIGNMENTS: Assigning your lease, rights in a partnership or intellectual property

Just like any other contractual right, real estate property rights can also be assigned. But, there are special duties and liabilities attaching to transfers of the right to possess property.  The assignor transfers with an assignment the complete remainder of the interest (in the contract or property) to the assignee. There should not be any sort of reversionary interest retained by the assignor in the right to possess. The

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ASSIGNMENTS: Assigning your Contract to someone else!

Under a contract, the assignment of rights is the complete transfer of the rights to receive the benefits available to one of the parties to that contract. Say, party X makes a contract with Party Y to sell his bicycle to him for $100. Party X can later assign the benefits of the contract or the right to be paid $100 to party Z. Here, party X is the assignor/obligee, party Y is an obligor, and party Z is the assignee. This assignment

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