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Tag: Interim occupancy

Real Estate: Buying an Investment Condo Pre-Build and the GST/HST Rebate

A few months ago my clients came in to sign the builder documents for interim occupancy for their condominium unit which they purchased pre-build as an investment to rent out. My clients told me that that they had contacted the builder to get consent in order to allow them to rent their unit during the interim occupancy period. I advised them that if they do rent their unit during interim occupancy, they will not

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Real Estate: Buying New? What You Need to Know

People who purchase new condominiums and houses directly from the developer are usually attracted to the prestige of being the first to own and occupy the property; however, buying brand new may not be the right decision for those who are cost and time conscious.Developer agreements heavily favour developers, which should come as no surprise. Although purchasers are somewhat protected by the

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