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Tag: ITA

Tag: ITA

Taxation of a MIC, a Mortgage Investment Corporation

The MIC itself will not pay income tax so long as the profits are flowed through to the shareholders and taxed in their hands. This is...

Managing A MIC, a Mortgage Investment Corporation

The creation of a MIC is similar to other corporations in the method of organization, election of directors/officers and the faculty to appoint committees, hire employees,...

MICs: The Technical Aspects of a Mortgage Investment Corporation

TYPE OF ENTITY FOR A MORTGAGE INVESTMENT CORPORATIONA Canadian Corporation throughout the taxation year where its business only undertakes to invest its funds, and thereafter qualifies...

TRUSTS & ESTATES: How your Beneficiaries are taxed

Taxation of BeneficiariesUnder subsection 104(13) of the Canadian Income Tax Act (“ITA”), the income of a trust or estate that is paid or payable to a...

TRUSTS & ESTATES: Transfering assets to your spouse or children

Trusts and AttributionThe attribution rules for trusts, transferors, and so on are given in Subsections 74.1(1) and 74.2(2) of the Canadian Income Tax Act (“ITA”).  These...

Trusts and Estates: Different Types of Trusts in Canada

Classification of Trusts1. Testamentary TrustsThe Income Tax Act defines a testamentary trust as a trust or estate that is formed consequent to the death of a...

The Taxation of Trusts: Understanding Rates of Tax

Rates of TaxUnder s. 117, ITA, a testamentary trust is subject to tax, at the same graduated rates as an individual, while the rate of tax...

Filing Tax Returns for a Deceased Person

TAXATION AT DEATH AND PERSONAL TAX PLANNING Extension of Time for Filing ReturnsAlong with the extended deadline for the filing of the basic terminal return, there...

When to File a Terminal Tax Return

The due date for the terminal return depends upon the date of the deceased’s death:1) For a death prior to November, the terminal return is due...

Estate Tax Planning: RRSPs and Rollovers

Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs)Like non-depreciable capital property and depreciable capital property, a spousal rollover is available for RRSPs. Money directly received by the spouse (as...