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Tag: landlord

Tag: landlord

What Are the Rights of a Landlord?

With the prices of real estate in Ontario soaring, many people are renting longer. So if you have been able to invest in rental properties, it...

The Ontario Real Estate market meets its April 2017 Budget; are we in crisis?

April 2017 will possibly go down as the turning point in Ontario/Canada's economy. Although the brunt of the straws that broke the camel’s back were dropped...

Resulting and Constructive Trusts: All About Constructive Trusts

The Constructive TrustA constructive trust is formed by operation of law. It is considered an equitable remedy so as to prevent unjust enrichment, which is when...

The Law of Lease Assignments

Earlier we have seen how Goodyear benefited from its lawsuit against Burnhamthorpe. This verdict is compared with the generally accepted good law set out in Corbett...

Assignments of Leases: Goodyear, A Case in Review

Goodyear v. BurnhamthorpeGoodyear was the tenant under a long-term ground lease of part of an office building in Etobicoke, known as 10 & 21 Four Seasons...

Assignment of leases, rents, non-disturbance, and attornment

Assignment and Assumption of Contracts General RulesThe lease is a mixture of benefits and obligations, which can be unilateral or bilateral.  The “assignor”, or a party...


Leases and tenancies of a secured property are of great interest to a commercial lender for the following reasons:1. The borrower could pay the debt from...

Understanding Municipal Tax Sales: Legal Challenges

Other Legal Challenges Earlier we have discussed three Municipal Tax Sales clauses, which if applicable, leads to cancellation of sale. Besides cancellation by the treasurer, the...

CONSTRUCTION LIENS: Electronically Liening Registered Leases

It would appear that when registered leases are liened electronically, adherence to the rules is not as strict, sort of relaxation of rules is practiced, as...

Construction Liens: Obtaining Liens and Restrictions Placed on Them

We have discussed earlier one of the two methods by which a contractor working for a tenant is able to get a lien on the freehold...