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Tag: management

Tag: management

MICs: The Technical Aspects of a Mortgage Investment Corporation

TYPE OF ENTITY FOR A MORTGAGE INVESTMENT CORPORATIONA Canadian Corporation throughout the taxation year where its business only undertakes to invest its funds, and thereafter qualifies...

CONSTRUCTION LIENS: Electronically Liening Registered Leases

It would appear that when registered leases are liened electronically, adherence to the rules is not as strict, sort of relaxation of rules is practiced, as...

Construction Liens: Obtaining Liens and Restrictions Placed on Them

We have discussed earlier one of the two methods by which a contractor working for a tenant is able to get a lien on the freehold...

Liens and Commerical Tenants

OverviewRegardless of the fact that the individual is a landlord, a tenant, or a lien claimant, it is important for each of them to be aware...

COMMERCIAL LEASING: Rooftop Solar Panels

Rooftop Solar PanelsA number of landlords, owners, and tenants have recently received inquiries from rooftop solar panel installers desirous of installing solar panels on their roofs....

COMMERCIAL LEASING: All About Zoning, Renewals, and Extensions

Zoning Disputes concerning the Smartcentres have been in the spotlight for much of this past year, illustrating the significant hurdles developers face when seeking approval for...


Involvements of matters relating to assignments are substantial in commercial leasing, as will be seen in this part of our ongoing series.Transfers In respect to assignments,...

COMMERCIAL LEASING: How the Court Applies Equitable Remedies

There have been some interesting developments in commercial leasing law over the last year, among which can be seen important trends in commercial leasing jurisprudence.Equitable RemediesIt...

CORPORATE GOVERNANCE: Globalization and success will follow once the gender, racial and minority profiling is eliminated!

For long the corporate ladder has been an issue of survival of the corporate fittest, highly dominated by the white male.  So much so, that the...

CORPORATE GOVERNANCE: Even the best CEOs need to remember that its the path they pave for the future that will provide them with immortality, not their current presence!

How does one win an Oscar?  Is George Washington considered so highly as an individual because he was the first American president or because he now...