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Tag: rent

Tag: rent

Resulting and Constructive Trusts: All About Constructive Trusts

The Constructive TrustA constructive trust is formed by operation of law. It is considered an equitable remedy so as to prevent unjust enrichment, which is when...

Resulting and Constructive Trusts: Types Continued

Good WifeThe Ontario Superior Court of Justice decided in Citi Financial Ltd.v. Zaidi that the transfer of a residential property from a husband to his wife...

Resulting and Constructive Trusts: The Various Types

Resulting Trusts Arising from Mortgage FraudThe Alberta Court of Appeal observed in Luitenko v. McAleer that a resulting trust arose out of mortgage fraud. The respondent,...

The Lesson Learned from a Leasing Arrangement

In the previous installment, we reviewed a scenario when the lender can attorn rents and the tenant has to pay rent to the lender. Assuming that...


In this context, Madame Justice McKinley also dealt with the situation where a lease is absolutely assigned by the owner of land but the reversionary interest...

A Discussion about the Assignment of Leases

As the Goodyear case considered in-depth assignments of rents and leases to determine the impact on the doctrine of privity, it is necessary to discuss the...

The Law of Lease Assignments

Earlier we have seen how Goodyear benefited from its lawsuit against Burnhamthorpe. This verdict is compared with the generally accepted good law set out in Corbett...

Assignments of Leases: Goodyear, A Case in Review

Goodyear v. BurnhamthorpeGoodyear was the tenant under a long-term ground lease of part of an office building in Etobicoke, known as 10 & 21 Four Seasons...

Assignment of Rents: Potential Conflicts and Exceptions

In the previous instalment, we discussed the difference between lease and rents and left open the manner of their registration. It is a fait accompli that...

COMMERCIAL LEASING: Careful Consideration of Clauses

Renewals and Extensions are quite important in C. L., as can be seen from the case histories below.Saskatchewan Ltd. v. NelsonIn this case, a lease was...