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Tag: Title

Tag: Title

Real Estate Law: Choosing a Real Estate Lawyer and Understanding Fees

Often clients will shop around for legal services as if they were a commodity and not a service and therefore the lowest price is the only...

Real Estate Law: Buying Real Estate with Other Parties or Trying to Sell Real Estate Owned with Others?

Often individuals and companies purchase property together either as a means to secure financing, registered ownership or as a business venture.  For various reasons, often financial,...

Real Estate Law: Easements Affecting Your Property

Simply defined in the Blacks law dictionary, an easement is an interest in land owned by another person, consisting in the right to use or control...

Resulting and Constructive Trusts: Types Continued

Good WifeThe Ontario Superior Court of Justice decided in Citi Financial Ltd.v. Zaidi that the transfer of a residential property from a husband to his wife...

Some Notes on Municipal Tax Sales

GST On July 1, 2010, the Harmonize Sales Tax (HST) will replace GST in Ontario. However, the province’s municipal tax sales legislation precedes the federal GST...


Basically, a construction lien is a remedy available for someone who improves someone else's property by way of supplying materials and or labour.  If that person is owed monies...

LAND TRANSFER TAX – Avoiding the tax, Trustee to Beneficiary

A client came into see me and wanted to transfer title to his property from his parents name to his and his wife.  He was concerned...