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Tag: zoning

Tag: zoning

What Is A Heritage Building in Toronto, Ontario?

The City of Toronto has been experiencing a shift of rapid development, and the scarcity of property resources accessible for further growth have led developers to...

Real Estate Law: What the Difference is Between a Condition and a Warranty and Writing the Agreement of Purchase and Sale

One of the most important things I stress to Realtors and purchaser clients is to make sure it is very clear in the agreement of purchase...

Real Estate Law: Provisions in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale: Time for Searches, Future Use, Title, Schedules

Time for searchesBefore closing a real estate transaction, a real estate lawyer will need time to search title, executions and make off-title searches or inquiries.  The...

COMMERCIAL LEASING: All About Zoning, Renewals, and Extensions

Zoning Disputes concerning the Smartcentres have been in the spotlight for much of this past year, illustrating the significant hurdles developers face when seeking approval for...


With the Ontario real estate market demonstrating continued resilience, many people are still putting their confidence in real estate as an investment option across Ontario.  These...