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Construction Law

What You Should Know About Construction Contracts

Whether you are a builder or you are someone who has hired a builder to construct your custom home of another building, having a well-crafted construction...

Jeff Levy, Managing Partner at Levy Zavet Lawyers, My Business Magazine

Managing Partner at Levy Zavet Lawyers ...

Everyone’s a “Builder”, but what does that mean in terms of HST?

For purposes below referring to a “house” includes a condo as well.  Did you know that CRA will consider you a “Builder” if:1)       You are an...

CONSTRUCTION LAW UPDATE: The Meaning of Builder Under the Ontario New Home Warranty Plan Act

In Ontario, Tarion Warranty Corporation (“Tarion”) is responsible for administering the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act R.S.O. 1990, CHAPTER 0.31 (the “Act”) and is remedial,...

Real Estate Law: Buying Real Estate with Other Parties or Trying to Sell Real Estate Owned with Others?

Often individuals and companies purchase property together either as a means to secure financing, registered ownership or as a business venture.  For various reasons, often financial,...

Real Estate Law: Closing a Real Estate Transaction

Choosing a closing date The closing date can be whenever the parties agree upon, however selecting a closing date on a weekend or statutory holiday will prevent your...

CONSTRUCTION LIENS: Electronically Liening Registered Leases

It would appear that when registered leases are liened electronically, adherence to the rules is not as strict, sort of relaxation of rules is practiced, as...

Construction Liens: Obtaining Liens and Restrictions Placed on Them

We have discussed earlier one of the two methods by which a contractor working for a tenant is able to get a lien on the freehold...

Liens and Commerical Tenants

OverviewRegardless of the fact that the individual is a landlord, a tenant, or a lien claimant, it is important for each of them to be aware...

COMMERCIAL LEASING: All About Zoning, Renewals, and Extensions

Zoning Disputes concerning the Smartcentres have been in the spotlight for much of this past year, illustrating the significant hurdles developers face when seeking approval for...