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Employment Law

Different Types of Business Law

If you own a business, chances are that you will have to consult with a business lawyer a number of times during the length of your...

Jeff Levy, Managing Partner at Levy Zavet Lawyers, My Business Magazine

Managing Partner at Levy Zavet Lawyers ...

Wrongful Dismissal and the Importance of the Employment Contract

Employees who are wrongfully terminated may have recourse.  Suing for "Wrongful Dismissal" may allow the employee to recover some damages that were caused by the employer."Wrongful...

Should the RCMP Unionize? Share Your Views.

When it comes to labour law, the existence or non-existence of unions in a certain field can make all the difference.With this in mind, members of...

Legislature Challenged to Rewrite Prostitution Laws

Ontario prostitution laws have been temporarily upheld by a court in Ontario, which presents a timeline, and a challenge, for the legislature to rewrite the laws...

CORPORATE GOVERNANCE: Globalization and success will follow once the gender, racial and minority profiling is eliminated!

For long the corporate ladder has been an issue of survival of the corporate fittest, highly dominated by the white male.  So much so, that the...

CORPORATE GOVERNANCE: Even the best CEOs need to remember that its the path they pave for the future that will provide them with immortality, not their current presence!

How does one win an Oscar?  Is George Washington considered so highly as an individual because he was the first American president or because he now...

CORPORATE GOVERNANCE: Transactional versus transformational leadership, the charismatic leader.

In its earliest stages the strongest influence on a “movement” is likely to be the charismatic leader who personally symbolizes its values.  At some point intellectuals...

CORPORATE GOVERNANCE: Great teams build great companies that build great countries that build the world through teamwork!

The term labour movement is often applied to any organization or association of wage earners who join together to advance their common interests.  It more broadly...

CORPORATE GOVERNANCE: Motivate your workforce with integrity, loyalty and dedication!

A recent report suggests that corporations that provide day care to the children of their employees have significantly higher morale among personnel than corporations that do...