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Levy Zavet PC works on Corporate and Private Business cases of all kinds within the Ontario area. Ranging from incorporations, private placements and right offerings, derivative and structured financing, spin-offs, asset securitizations, takeovers, hybrid securities and specialized tax-efficient instruments, Levy Zavet PC offers a variety of legal services to aid both Private and Corporate Businesses. The Lawyers and Paralegals at our firm work their hardest to focus on getting their clients the best results possible. The Levy Zavet PC team is well-educated about Ontario law and is amongst the top in the business when it comes to dealing with Corporate and Business Law Firm.

Levy Zavet PC offers a full range of business consulting services and legal advice that offer solutions for your business’s needs. Whether it is a legal, financial or any other type of corporate issue, our Lawyers work strategically to reach creative and effective results. Levy Zavet PC offers free consultations to potential clients, and once a price is quoted, our team will work carefully to make sure no extra or surprise fees arise throughout your legal process. When working with our legal personnel, Business Lawyers and Law Clerks are available via phone or email to answer any additional questions or concerns that you might have while Levy Zavet works on your case.

Business Litigation is the area of legal practice involved in defending or suing a business that has been accused of committing some sort of illegal service. With the “litigant” being the accused and the “complainant” being the accuser, litigation is the claim of damages as decided by legal proceedings. A “business litigation” lawsuit has the possibility to arise from any situation involving fraud, breach of contract, intellectual property, real estate, securities, trade secrets and employment among other things.

At Levy Zavet PC our Lawyers can represent your business in a contract law, negligence, or any other type of lawsuit. Our services can be used to defend any accused business, or hired to initiate a lawsuit against any liable defendant. Our team of Lawyers and Paralegals are trained and experienced in all areas of business litigation and can offer you the best solution for any related legal matter. Whether you are being accused of a wrongdoing or wishing to initiate a lawsuit with someone, the Corporate Lawyers at Levy Zavet PC are here to offer consultations and present their services as a reliable and cost-effective choice of action.

Additionally, if you do not wish to schedule a court trial, our business litigation lawyers are also experienced in mediation as alternative dispute resolution. Our legal services allow for working with a middleman or neutral party to resolve the accusation or dispute outside of the courts.

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