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Contract Disputes

One common type of business litigation is a contract dispute. Since business contracts are legally binding agreements, if one is broken or unfulfilled there usually can be reason to file for a contract dispute. Business contracts are often written in a formal text that is open to interpretation, calling for the most experienced and brightest Attorneys when it comes to debating a contract’s meaning. At Levy Zavet PC our legal personnel are amongst the top Lawyers and Paralegals in the business, and their experience in the law field has proved them to be some of the best at what they do. Lawyers at Levy Zavet can aid in filing a lawsuit against a business for breach of contract or if a company is not following through with what had been previously decided upon in their business contract with a client.

Consumer litigation is another type of legal litigation that claims that a company acted in an illegal manner. Claims of defective equipment and equipment warranties can fall within this area of litigation. Levy Zavet can advise in consumer litigation cases and provide their services in filing lawsuits against a company accused of trademark violations, disputes over intellectual property or any other type of illegal activity.

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