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Mortgage & Loan Enforcement

At Levy Zavet PC, our legal team can help you with any type of Mortgage and Loan Enforcement situation that you may encounter. Our legal experts are trained in Lending and Mortgage Law and have years of experience in Ontario-based rules and regulations. If you find that you may soon be entering a Mortgage or Loan Enforcement case and are in need of any professional legal advice, contact our office at Levy Zavet PC today to schedule a free consultation with one of our top Lawyers. Our consultations are completely confidential and will give you the opportunity to explain your own, individual legal situation to one of our legal team experts.

Mortgage and Loan Enforcement has the potential to cause stress in many peoples’ lives, and the legal team at Levy Zavet PC knows this, which is why our Lawyers and Paralegals respond to our clients’ needs of urgency with speed and delicacy. If you are looking for a professional legal process and full-time legal support, contact Levy Zavet PC today to begin speaking with someone from our team of experts. Levy Zavet PC is ready to handle any Mortgage or Loan Enforcement transaction of any size and type. With some of the brightest and most motivated minds in the business, there is no better choice when it comes to legal advice than Levy Zavet PC.

A mortgage is a type of lien on the property it is registered against and represents security for the debt. Separate and apart from the security, a mortgage is a promise to pay. Most homeowners in today’s financial market are familiar with, or engaged in, a Mortgage agreement and Loan Enforcement situation. At Levy Zavet PC, our Lawyers are trained in Ontario-based law and can assist you in any type of Mortgage or Loan Enforcement legal situation you may be facing.

If a mortgage goes into default the creditor can get paid from selling the real property (Power of Sale) or by getting a judgment on the promise to pay (usually referred to as the covenant). The creditor (usually called the mortgagee) can start a foreclosure proceeding to take title to the property, or more commonly, he can serve a Power of Sale. If you find yourself in need of any legal advice regarding Mortgage and Loan Enforcement or if you are currently involved in a legal situation regarding Mortgage and Loan Enforcement, do not hesitate to contact Levy Zavet PC for a consultation. Levy Zavet PC offers free and confidential consultations to any potential client wishing to speak to one of our experienced and motivated Lawyers, so call today to schedule yours.

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