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Tag: Construction

Tag: Construction

Everyone’s a “Builder”, but what does that mean in terms of HST?

For purposes below referring to a “house” includes a condo as well.  Did you know that CRA will consider you a “Builder” if:1)       You are an...

CONSTRUCTION LAW UPDATE: The Meaning of Builder Under the Ontario New Home Warranty Plan Act

In Ontario, Tarion Warranty Corporation (“Tarion”) is responsible for administering the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act R.S.O. 1990, CHAPTER 0.31 (the “Act”) and is remedial,...

CONSTRUCTION LIENS: Electronically Liening Registered Leases

It would appear that when registered leases are liened electronically, adherence to the rules is not as strict, sort of relaxation of rules is practiced, as...

Construction Liens: Obtaining Liens and Restrictions Placed on Them

We have discussed earlier one of the two methods by which a contractor working for a tenant is able to get a lien on the freehold...

Liens and Commerical Tenants

OverviewRegardless of the fact that the individual is a landlord, a tenant, or a lien claimant, it is important for each of them to be aware...

COMMERCIAL LEASING: Fundamental Breach and Exclusion Clauses

The second instalment in our review of the emerging trends in commercial lease jurisprudence is evident in the lawsuit relating to HREIT Holdings 45 Corp. v....

A Note to Condominium Developers

Condominiums are becoming increasingly important as more people choose to live in condos. In recent years, the condo industry has been booming in Canada with new...


Basically, a construction lien is a remedy available for someone who improves someone else's property by way of supplying materials and or labour.  If that person is owed monies...


 A real estate development agreement is an agreement between two parties; a developer or a construction company and the owner of the land. This agreement refers...

COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE: A Brief on Real Property Acquisition & Disposition

Since the onset of the global economic struggles that hit the international business scene; trade and industry have been greatly affected. Commercial real estate in Canada...