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COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE: A Brief on Real Property Acquisition & Disposition

Since the onset of the global economic struggles that hit the international business scene; trade and industry have been greatly affected. Commercial real estate in Canada is not spared from the global economic crisis. These economic challenges tend to lower the growth of business establishments that affect the acquisition and disposition of properties for commercial purposes.

The real estate developers, multi-national corporations, high-tech companies, condominium developers, individual owners and investors are the usual clients connected in the acquisition and disposition real estate trade. The buyers appropriately demand for the right value of their hard-earned money. Therefore, there are some essential factors needed in order to acquire and dispose of a commercial property. These include tax deference considerations, negotiations of the deal and its conditions, the documentation of every aspect, and closing the actual purchase and sale of the commercial property.

The transaction of a commercial acquisition and disposition focuses on primarily what it will truly entail in acquiring or surrendering control of the property. An acquisition includes the selection of  the site, financial modeling, how to execute the transaction, strategic planning, identifying and analyzing other acquisition opportunities, negotiating intermediary and necessary transactions, assessing tax implications and possible deference, and scoping out the packaging of the deal if it is for one owner or many come the future.

The acquisition or disposition of a commercial real estate property requires a mastery of financial analysis which is one of the strongest skills the lawyers at Levy Zavet PC (“Levy Zavet”) possess in the legal profession. Levy Zavet’s talent of creativity continues throughout the negotiation process with solutions and resolutions for all types of issues; getting involved committed lenders, good property managers, developers and construction professionals. Levy Zavet’s real estate lawyers are not just legal professionals but also investment analysts crucial for the success of the business side of the overall transaction.  Levy Zavet ensures that the property asset works effectively with your other investments to successfully reach certain financial goals.

Purchasing commercial real estate should not be taken lightly, your first step is to retain Levy Zavet PC, your next step is to take it with us, and your third is to see the returns!