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Tag: Purchasers

Tag: Purchasers

Real Estate Law: Closing a Real Estate Transaction

Choosing a closing date The closing date can be whenever the parties agree upon, however selecting a closing date on a weekend or statutory holiday will prevent your...

Assignment of leases, rents, non-disturbance, and attornment

Assignment and Assumption of Contracts General RulesThe lease is a mixture of benefits and obligations, which can be unilateral or bilateral.  The “assignor”, or a party...

Assignment of Rents: Potential Conflicts and Exceptions

In the previous instalment, we discussed the difference between lease and rents and left open the manner of their registration. It is a fait accompli that...

Understanding Municipal Tax Sales: Legal Challenges

Other Legal Challenges Earlier we have discussed three Municipal Tax Sales clauses, which if applicable, leads to cancellation of sale. Besides cancellation by the treasurer, the...

Construction Liens: Obtaining Liens and Restrictions Placed on Them

We have discussed earlier one of the two methods by which a contractor working for a tenant is able to get a lien on the freehold...

COMMERCIAL LEASING: All About Zoning, Renewals, and Extensions

Zoning Disputes concerning the Smartcentres have been in the spotlight for much of this past year, illustrating the significant hurdles developers face when seeking approval for...

REAL ESTATE BASICS: What Every New Immigrant OR First Time Home Buyer Should Know About Buying Real Estate In Canada

Canada remains one of the countries attractive to the eyes of the people who plan to migrate. Currently, Canada has maintained its open doors to immigrants....


Last week, one of my clients called to inform me that the sale of his condo unit failed to firm up because the purchaser’s lawyer advised...

COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE: A Brief on Real Property Acquisition & Disposition

Since the onset of the global economic struggles that hit the international business scene; trade and industry have been greatly affected. Commercial real estate in Canada...

Competition Bureau and the Canadian Real Estate Associations (“CREA”): More Private Deals on the Horizon?

Recently the Canadian Competition Bureau requested that CREA open up the Canadian real estate market by making the Multiple Listing Service (“MLS”) open to the public...