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Among the definitions of business, the Concise Oxford Dictionary lists it as a person’s  regular occupation or trade and then further elaborates it as commercial activity. The...

Does a Hot Tub in Your Condominium Back Yard or Terrace Need Approval?

Case analysis on the Ontario Court of Appeal decision and interpretation of Section 98 of the Ontario Condominium Act, specifically deals with an owner needing approval...

Have a Great Condominium Balcony or Terrace? Careful You May Not Actually Own It!

Condominium balconies or terraces are generally now owned by the unit owner, they are exclusive use common elements owned by the condominium corporation. Any addition,...

Competition Bureau and the Canadian Real Estate Associations (“CREA”): More Private Deals on the Horizon?

Recently the Canadian Competition Bureau requested that CREA open up the Canadian real estate market by making the Multiple Listing Service (“MLS”) open to the public...

Commercial Leasing: The Offer to Lease, Take it Seriously

A landlord eager to secure a tenant will often provide the prospective tenant with an offer to lease, also known as an agreement to lease, before...

Real Estate: Buying an Investment Condo Pre-Build and the GST/HST Rebate

A few months ago my clients came in to sign the builder documents for interim occupancy for their condominium unit which they purchased pre-build as an...

Terminate Commercial Tenancy…Beware of the Pitfalls

I am lucky enough in my practice to handle a fair bit of commercial landlord/tenant disputes.  I find this work challenging and rewarding, primarily because my...

Standard Charge Terms, Briefly Speaking

When a loan or mortgage is electronically registered against a property by a lender, it is known as a Charge (a Charge is sometimes synonymous with...

Title Searching: “The Things Passes With Its Burden”

In the purchase and sale of a property, the most important aspect of the transfer between buyer and seller is making sure that the seller has...

Law Update: Sub-Contractors in the Design-Build Tendering Process

Some legal decisions have direct impact on how a company conducts business. The Supreme Court of Canada in Design Services Ltd. v. Canada, 1 S.C.R....