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Trade-marks, Patents, Copyrights and Intellectual Property

Trade-marks, Patents, Copyrights and Intellectual Property are key components that aid in a business’s success. Legally, if you are a business owner, you want to be sure that you have full-control over your company’s Intellectual Property. The trained Lawyers and Paralegals at Levy Zavet PC are available to help any company that has had its Trade-marks, Patents or Copyrights stolen or illegally used without permission. It is important to protect your company’s intellectual assets, and the Lawyers at Levy Zavet PC will work hard to ensure that you are provided with the best possible solutions for your individual case.

Our Lawyers and Paralegals are specifically trained in Ontario-based law and are a valuable asset to any company dealing with a situation that involves Trade-marks, Patents, Copyrights or Intellectual Property. If you are a business owner, company head, artist or any type of individual, do not hesitate to contact our Lawyers at Levy Zavet PC. We offer free consultations to everyone and work to provide a single quote for our clients that is cost-effective and free of any last-minute, surprise fees. Levy Zavet PC consists of a team that is amongst the top of the legal field and can offer you expert advice on any type of Trade-mark, Patent, Copyright or Intellectual Property case.

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