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Construction Liens

A construction lien can be filed by any person who has not received payment for his work on a property. In placing a lien in effect, it becomes difficult for a property owner to sell or transfer his property because the title to the property no longer remains clear. The purpose of these liens is to ensure payment from the property owner. Often at times if payments are not forthcoming from the property owner, the property itself has the potential to be seized and immediately sold to satisfy the property owner’s debts.

Construction liens are a type of lien which allows construction professionals to verify and ensure their payments after the completion of a project. If you choose to file a construction lien, it must be filed shortly after the completion of the original project. Construction liens can be filed by general contractors, subcontractors or suppliers. If any party does not receive payment a construction lien can be filed to ensure it. This service becomes important for anyone involved in construction projects, as one cannot revoke their work upon nonpayment. Property owners should be aware of this and make sure that they are making payments to their contractors on-time as well as securing proof of payment and receipt.

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