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Design Build Agreements

Design Build agreements are recently becoming more and more common as the needs of construction industry customers continues to constantly change. Design Build agreements can be involved in various issues such as liability, licensing, public procurement requirements and public procurement statutes. Additionally, insurance coverage, conflicts of interest and bonding are also some possible issues that may lead to the potential of a Design Build agreement case. If you find yourself in any type of legal situation that may call for aid regarding a Design Build agreement, the Lawyers at Levy Zavet PC can offer some of the best solutions available for your own, personal situation.

At Levy Zavet PC, our team of expert Lawyers and Law Clerks have years of experience working on all types of Design Build cases in the realm of Construction law. With many of the legal issues of the Design Build situation being quite similar to many other legal problems that come about from other methods of project delivery, our team is confident that they can work individually with each client to determine his or her best course of action based on past experience in the legal field. At Levy Zavet PC, our Lawyers and Paralegals are prepared to help clients become aware of the key legal issues that they might potentially have to deal with during their involvement in a Design Build legal situation and to assist them during the process.

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