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Business Succession

At Levy Zavet PC we know that the future in never one-hundred percent predictable, which is why we provide clients with some of the best legal advice around. Based in the Ontario area, our Lawyers and Paralegals have years of experience dealing with all sorts of Real Estate and Contract Law cases, including Business Succession. Levy Zavet PC can give you a sophisticated outlook of the future whether you are concerned about wealth preservation or structuring the transfer of a closely-help business.

We represent individuals and fiduciaries, including trust companies, in estate and trust administration before the Court and in tax audits and litigation. We also advise clients regarding insurance, employee benefits and real estate as they relate to estate and business planning for themselves and their family members. If you find yourself involved in a legal situation regarding Business Succession, or if you believe you may soon be entering a legal situation regarding Business Succession, do not hesitate to contact our Lawyers at Levy Zavet PC. Our firm offers free and confidential consultations to all potential clients, so call today to schedule yours.

Our clients at Levy Zavet PC never ask to see what we have done for them lately, because our legal staff is always up-front with them about planning the future.

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