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Real Estate Lawyers

Whenever buying, selling or renting a property, signing a contract is always involved. Real Estate Law covers sales, purchases, leases, construction, development and other transfers of real estate rights and properties. A real estate lawyer is integral while making a deal in real estate whether while buying or leasing or building.The Levy Zavet Lawyers help you put terms on a real estate contract which are in your best interest. We can help in protecting and negotiating interests that are in our client’s favor.  We work hard to protect and resolve any landlordtenant dispute.

Levy Zavet PC is amongst the best in the business when it comes to Real Estate Litigation. This may involve allegations of fraud in real estate transfers, breach of purchase agreements, breach of sale agreements, zoning disagreements, lending disputes, property financing disputes, construction and development matters, and landlord and tenant disputes.

Such sensitive and complex legal issues require the services of real estate lawyers who must have extensive knowledge and experience in the field.  Our lawyers have years of experience in handling such real estate litigation cases and they are amongst the best in protecting the interest of our clients. At Levy Zavet PC, the lawyers know the legal rights of their clients. We help negotiate real estate disputes both in and out of court to come out with the best possible outcome.

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